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  • Port Arthur ISD Selects Go IT Services

    by Glenda Gatling | Jan 09, 2010

    Port Arthur Independent School District (PAISD) picked Go IT Services for project management and system analysis work on implementation of major systems for HR, Finance, and Student Management. Go IT Services deployed resources effective January 8, 2010 to work with PAISD staff and third party vendors on project planning, training, data conversion, testing, and hardware and software deployment. PAISD and Go IT Services signed statements of work covering the professional service work through April 2011.


    For more information on Port Arthur Independent School Distric, please visit

  • Lamar Consolidated ISD Appoints Go IT Services for D2

    by Glenda Gatling | Oct 01, 2009

    The Board of Directors of Lamar Consolidated Independent School District (LCISD) approved Go IT Services to implement the D2 Instructional Management System. LCISD used the Texas DIR DBITS contract to engage Go IT Services for project management and data analysis work that is scheduled to continue through Spring 2011. LCISD is comprised of 34 elementary and secondary school campuses throughout the Richmond / Rosenberg / Fulshear area with over 22,000 students and 2300 teachers. For more information on LCISD, please visit
  • Go IT Services Houston Office Move

    by Glenda Gatling | Jun 12, 2009

    After 5 years at its current location, Go IT Services is moving the Houston headquarters to a more central address. The new office features 50% more space, a break room for employees, and a much larger server and telcom room. The space provides excellent, 5th floor scenic views of one of Houston's largest shopping malls (Memorial City) and the nation's widest freeway (the 22 lane I-10 Energy corridor).

    The new office is located on the I-10 west bound feeder just east of the Sam Houston Tollway. The new address is 10190 Katy Freeway Suite 500, Houston, TX 77043. Our local Houston area phone number will remain 713.934.3000.

  • Texas A&M University Selects Go IT Services for Master Agreement

    by Traci Clarke | Apr 19, 2009

    Texas A&M University selects Go IT Services to provide maintenance of its Doha, Qatar campus website. The master maintenance agreement runs for one year, renewable for three additional years. Under the agreement, all design and code changes for the TAMUQ website will be completed, tested, and deployed by the Go IT Services web development and support team.
  • Go IT Services' Job Applicant Assessment System

    by Traci Clarke | Apr 19, 2009

    On Saturday, April 4, Dr. Gloria Pereira and Dr. Lauren Salomon presented research from their project with Go IT Services for the Texas Youth Commission at the annual conference for Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in New Orleans.  The research focused on perceptions of test fairness.  Specifically, they looked at the extent to which test type, ethnicity, and job level may affect perceptions of test fairness, and whether test fairness predicts test motivation and test performance.  The presentations attracted the interest of many other psychologists who were also interested in exploring the relationships between characteristics of people, the tests they take, and the outcomes of those tests.
  • Texas DIR Picks Go IT Services

    by Jamal Khalil | Feb 01, 2009

    The Texas Department of Information Resources selected Go IT Services for its Deliverables-Based IT Services (DBITS) state wide project. Go IT Services and Texas DIR concluded negotiations and executed a multiple year contract spanning Application Development, Application Maintenance and Support, Project Management, and Technology Upgrade/Migration and Transformation for 5000+ state agencies, schools, higher education institutions, municipalities, local government entities, and other DIR customers.

    For more information on Go IT Services DBITS offerings, please visit

  • Keller Williams Selects Go IT Services

    by Jamal Khalil | Nov 26, 2008

    For its locations in Riverside and Corona, CA, Keller Williams Realty selected Go IT Services and its GO SIP phone system for its telecommunications needs. Go IT Services also completed structured cabling, network configuration, and phone and internet provider cut-over services for the real estate firm. With this implementation, Go IT Services now has its products and services deployed at the biggest of names in realty: Keller Williams, ReMax, ERA, Prudential, and CitiQuest.
  • Cbeyond Los Angeles Appoints Go IT Services

    by Jamal Khalil | Nov 04, 2008

    Cbeyond Communications certifies Go IT Services as installer and phone and LAN vendor for its Los Angeles area service activations. This designation clears the way for Go IT Services to establish a strategic and entrenched presence in the Southern California region with opportunity to service telecommunications and computing needs of hundreds of small and medium size businesses. With an enduring relationship in Houston as a Top Shelf Vendor that spans 3+ years, successful completion of critical projects in Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta, and now a prestigious designation and promising start in Los Angeles, Go IT Services is committed to Cbeyond and its customer base nationwide.

  • Sitefinity Highlights Go IT Services

    by Jamal Khalil | Oct 04, 2008

    In its October newsletter, Sitefinity highlights GO IT Services as CMS focus partner of the month. The following is a direct excerpt from the article.

    "This month's partner focus falls on Go IT Services. The company leverages a unique understanding of distributed application design, data warehousing, business intelligence and decision support systems. They offer high quality, cost effective business solutions to both the public and private business sectors. Go IT Services strives to be the one vendor for all of its customer's information technology and telecommunication needs."
  • Go IT Services Commences LA Operations

    by Jamal Khalil | Oct 01, 2008

    Go IT Services started execution of its plans to expand into the Los Angeles area market. Fielding certified service technicians in telecommunications and computing, its award wining GO SIP, GO DIALER, GO SHIELD, and GO GUARD systems, and an unparalleled marketing approach, Go IT Services successfully secured 100+ clients and is on par to meet or exceed Houston based business within 1 year.

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