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This website aims to conform to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 priority 1 and 2.

Accessibility Features

  • For those screen reader and non-mouse users, you have the option to skip straight to the content.
  • The site has been created with a combination of HTML 5.0 and CSS. Tables are used only to display tabular information and are not used for layout.
  • All informational images contain an alt attribute.
  • All pages have valid HTML.
  • Links have been written to make sense out of context. Where this has proved impossible the titletag has been used to expand on their meaning.
  • The website offers full functionality in all modern browsers on both PC and Mac, as well as all mobile devices.
  • BrowseAloud is available on this site to read text aloud. Learn more.


If you do come across any accessibility issues, please contact us.