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A Broad Range of Services


Value Through Teamwork

Go IT Services delivers services and solutions to your business needs by using a team based approach.

As a client, you will find a team of technology experts working with you to clearly define a business need, based on rigorous analysis, then design and deliver the best, most economical IT services and solutions the industry has to offer. From the word go, you will find us focused, committed, and trustworthy. 

Value from Experience

Go IT Services staff bring decades of experience backed by impeccable references from hundreds of customer engagements. Our services are not limited to 'break/fix' solutions, confined to the knowledge of a well meaning IT enthusiast, or tied to a certain business vertical. Our services span the information technology spectrum and encompass horizontal business information technology needs covering the following areas:

Web Solutions

In the late 1990's, an "everything to the internet" vision prevailed and resulted in the building of a magnificent, electronic superhighway. Gradually, most enterprises built websites which translated into billboards or fully functioning store-fronts on that highway. If your business does not have an eStore or if your sign in the cyber skies does not quite tell your story or attract on-lookers, do not just create another website or simply tweek what you have out there now. Build an on-line presence!

Go IT Services specializes in designing appealing, crisp, dynamic web solutions running on content management systems or eCommerce platforms that allow you to keep your website current and your store-front open. Our web solutions adhere to world wide web consortium standards for structure, look, and feel. Web solutions from Go IT Services run on every browser and maximize search engine optimization so you are easily found when someone out there is looking for products and services. And for those who must provide special accessibility, we bring solutions that literally make your website talk.

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Business Solutions

It has not been that long ago when computers were rarely used for more than typing up a report, calculating numbers in a spreadsheet, and may be sending a file one bit at a time. Today, every Enterprise, from small businesses to large, geographically distributed organizations, rely on computing to get just about everything done. In response to this, software developers flooded the marketplace with products that address every need. However helpful these are, business principals now face new challenges: which of these products fill our needs today and can grow with us tomorrow? Can we configure this software for a better fit, do we adjust our business process, or are we better off just building our own? How do we implement a complex software systems and stay focused on the day to day business? How do we get one software package, say our sales system which we bought from one vendor, to talk to another, say accounting, which came from a different vendor? And how do we make these systems accessible to a more mobile workforce yet keep them secure and protected from intrusion and hackers?

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System Management

We now have computers on just about every desk and in every home. Laptops are faster, pack more memory, and store more data than most servers of a decade ago. But the challenge has become that  things cannot be any more complex behind the scenes, back there in the server room, where the backbone of business computing really resides. From backups, to network configuration, to security strategies, server-based software places complex demands on the infrastructure and staff in an environment that must be protected from malicious and environmental threats.

Go IT Services uses proven methodology, experienced staff, and a full range of solutions to help the business enterprise manage and support its systems.Our system management services cover security, system administration, data backup and recovery, domain management and hosting, remote connectivity, user help desk, and preventive maintenance.

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Consulting & Staffing

Go IT Services consulting and staffing services help businesses navigate through the terrain of buy or build decisions, project implementations, solution integration, system configuration, and migration to a secure but accessible environment. Whether you need to implement a packaged solution, develop a turn-key system, or supplement your resources with on-site staff working as a part of your team, Go IT Services can help.

We can provide staff for temporary positions in various areas of information technology, as well as provide more specialized consulting and project management services to help you solve IT problems.

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Our team of technology experts work with you to deliver the best services and care the industry has to offer.

We're all about dependable & innovative IT solutions

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